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How many of our readers remember these game programs from the 1950’s? We recently received a number of them and have set them up for your enjoyment. We have rosters of teams from Holy Cross, Jesuit, Redemptorist, St. Aloysius, De La Salle, Warren Easton, Nicholls, Istrouma, Baton Rouge, and Terrebonne. See Years 1950 to 1956 (and 1975) to view them. Wish we had every single one, but no such luck.

Many thanks to Lisa Vetter Hecht, Louis Cucinotta, Wil Toups, Sid Raymond, Bobby Wahl, Karen Martin, Korey Clement and Danny Martin for lending materials to be scanned. New materials are found in 1945, 1946. 1952, 1970.

November 9, 2013: The newest addition is in year 1945, submitted by Lisa Vetter Hecht


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The Jesuit Blue Jays versus the Holy Cross Tigers series is one of the oldest continuous high school football rivalries known to exist anywhere in the USA.  We are committed to listing all of the games of this historic series. We do this to honor the memory of all of the people who have participated or currently participate in this rich tradition, whether as players, teachers, coaches, officials, support staff, bandsmen, spectators, family members, and any other interested parties.

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Year        Score        Winner                  District Champions                                    Comment
1922        52-0        J                   Jesuit
1923        40-0        J                   Jesuit
1924        48-0        J                   Warren Easton
1925         45-0        HC               Holy Cross      
1926        7-7            -                  Holy Cross & Warren Easton (tie)                
1927        72-0        J                   Jesuit                                                  
1928        13-6        J                   Jesuit
1929          8-0         J                  Jesuit-Easton (tie)                         Jesuit leads the series 6-1-1 
Summary of 1920s Decade    
1930         63-0       J                   Easton 
1931          36-2      J                   Jesuit
1932          38-7     J                    Jesuit
1933          20-0     J                    Jesuit                                      
Jesuit won its first state title (first year
                                                                                                                              that Catholicschools were eligible for state)

Gernon Brown's first year as Jays head coach
1934           6-0       HC               Holy Cross   
1935          47-0      J                  Jesuit                                                        
1936          14-0      J                  Easton
1937           6-6       NONE                  Easton                                          
Score was a tie but the "winner" is a
                                                                                                                               perpetual dispute.  It is ruled "NO CONTEST."

1938          19-6      J                  Easton
1939          20-0      HC               Fortier                                                   
Jesuit leads the series 13-3-1
Summary of 1930s Decade
1940          25-7      J                  Jesuit                                                    
Jesuit won state title.
1941          20-0      J                  Jesuit                                                    
Jesuit won state
1942          31-19    J                  Easton                       
1943          18-14    J                  Easton                                                         
1944          21-6      HC               Holy Cross
1945          26-6      HC               Holy Cross                                             
  Holy Cross won its first state title.
1946          32-0      J                  Jesuit                                                       Jesuit won state all victorious
1947          26-0      J                  Jesuit                                                      
John Petitbon scored all 26 points
1948          55-0      HC               Fortier
1949          33-13    HC                Holy Cross                                               
Jesuit leads the series 19-7-1
Summary of 1940s Decade
1950          18-14    HC               Holy Cross
1951-A       20-13    HC             
1951-B       18-14    HC              Jesuit + Holy Cross                     
Tigers went to playoffs (Gernon Brown's
                                                                                                                                                 last year Jesuit helm)

1952           14-7      J                 St. Aloysius
1953           47-13    J                 Jesuit                                                     
Jesuit won state
1953           7-6                            Jesuit State Championship Game                 
1954           21-19    HC              Holy Cross 
1955           6-0       HC              St. Aloysius                                           
1952 and 1954-56 Special Section St. Aloysius Crusader Memories

1956           27-0      J                 Redemptorist                                       
1957          12-0       J                Jes. + St. Al. + DLS + Red.  (4-way tie)      
John Kalbacher's first year
                                                                                                                                                       as HC head coach

1958           28-7      J                Jesuit 
1959           33-20    J                Jesuit                                                       
Jesuit leads series 25-12-1
Summary of 1950s Decade
1960          27-0       J                Jesuit                                                       
Jesuit won state
1961          13-0       HC            
1962          7-6        J                Jesuit
1963-A       7-0        HC                                                                                
Regular season game
1963-B       14-6      HC              Holy Cross                                              
Holy Cross won state.  Tigers
                                                                                                                                                 beat the Jays for the state title. 

1964          19-7      J                         
1965          14-0      HC              Terrebonne             
1966          20-7      HC            
1967          22-13    HC 
1968          14-7      HC
1969          3-0        HC     
Jesuit leads series 28-12-1
1970          13-7      J               
3-way tie Holy Cross, Jesuit St. Aug. St. Aug lost out on a coin toss.
                                                             HC lost EJ & Jes. lost to WJ 1st week of payoffs. West Jeff. won state title.
1971          10-0      J                Bro. Martin
1972          30-16    J                           
1973          14-12    J               Rummel + St. Aug.
1974          17-14    HC            Rummel
1975           7-3      HC            St. Aug.                                                        
St. Aug won state  (last year for
                                                                                                                                                 Kalbacher at HC)

1976           13-0     HC          
1977           35-34   HC
1978           36-0     J               Jesuit + St. Aug
1978 State Championship Game                                                             
St. Aug beat the Jays in state title game
1979           14-7     J               St. Aug.                                         
St. Aug won state  Jesuit leads series 34-24-1
Report on the 1970s Decade
1980            24-14   HC            Rumm. + 2 others
1981            42-27   J               Jesuit
1982            22-7     HC            St. Augustine
1983            27-14   HC            HC + Shaw + Bro. Martin
1984            28-21   HC            Jes. + St. Aug.
1985            21-14   HC            Rummel + 2 others
1986            20-10   HC            Shaw
1987            48-22   J               St. Aug.
1988            35-28   J               
1989            14-7     HC                                                                               
Jesuit leads series 37-31-1
1990            42-0     J               Shaw
1991            35-6     J              
1992            45-0     J
1993            31-0     J
1994            35-21   J
1995            18-11   HC
1996            42-0     J                                            (We are missing write-ups of 1996-2000.)
1997            42-0     J
1998            20-17   HC
1999            31-21   J                 Rummel                                                      
Jesuit leads series 45-33-1
CLARION HERALD All Star Catholic League Players 1990's
CLARION HERALD Best of Public/Private Schools 1990's                                                      
2000            48-45  HC              Rummel
2001            21-13  J                 Rummel
2002            24-21  HC              HC + Rummel 
2003            64-28  J                 Rummel
2004            24-21   J                Jesuit
2005            20-10   HC             Rummel
2006            21-7     J                Rummel
2007            20-9     HC                                                                                 
Jesuit leads series 49-37-1
2008            37-7    J
2009            41-7     J
2010            35-28   J

2011                37-0       J
2012                21-7       J
2013                16-13     HC                                        Jesuit leads the series 54-38-1 (plus one game no contest 1937)

There have been 94 games played in this series. The 1937 game was "No Contest" so it is not included in the Won-Loss-Tie totals. We hope to be there for the 100th game! Everybody come.


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