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We turn our attention to the Times-Picayune report on Monday, November 11, 1935:

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 Friedrichs, Bordes High Scorers With Two Touchdowns Apiece

 By N. Charles Wicker
(Game played Nov. 10, 1935)

The Jesuit Blue Jays turned on the power and opened their trick hat Sunday afternoon for a homecoming crowd of 5500 to crush the defending champion Holy Cross eleven by a 47-to-0 score at Loyola Stadium.

The victory, which was the fourth intraprep triumph for the Blue Jays, left no doubt in the minds of the “old grads” who cheered lustily, that the Blue and White aggregation, even though defeated by Baton Rouge 12-7 last week, is better than the Jesuit team of 1933, which won the state championship.

Gernon Brown’s starting backfield, Co captains L. G. Friedrichs and George Antonini, Edward Bordes and St. John Smith. Showed some fine ball carrying while in the game to score six of the Jays’ seven touchdowns.  Chester Roth, substitute quarterback, scored the other marker with the aid of some fine blocking by the backs who played with him – Johnny Miranne, Billy Hodgins, Hauth and Webb.

Smith Kicks Four Points

L. G. Friedrichs and Ed Bordes carried off high point honors of the afternoon with two touchdowns apiece, while Smith, Roth and Antonini scored one each.  Smith kicked four points after touchdowns with place kicks and Harold Hooper took in a pass from L. G. Friedrichs for the fifth.

Holy Cross, its running game checked completely by the great Jesuit forward wall, gained both of its first downs on passes.  One in the first period for 10 yards and another in the final quarter for a gain of 30 yards.

Power and razzle-dazzle plays netted the Jays 15 first downs.

Daly Blocks Punt

The Tigers, trailing throughout the game, never gave up, but played for a break that might give them a chance to score.  They got the chance in the final period when Captain Paul Daly, who was playing his usual fine game at the running guard position, blocked one of Johnny Miranne’s punts and recovered on the Jesuit 20-yard line.

However, on the very first play, Miranne intercepted Crespino’s pass to ruin the only chance.

Daly’s kicking was one of the features of the game.

The feature and longest play of the game came in the third period when L. G. Friedrichs hit right tackle for a one-yard gain and, upon being tackled, lateralled to George Antonini who gained an additional 51 yards for the Jays sixth touchdown.

The entire Jesuit team played great ball with L. G. Friedrichs, Antonini and Smith dong most of the outstanding playing.  Captain Paul Daly, Benny Leto, I Frey, and Vincent Crespino played a great game for the Tigers.

Starting Lineups:
Holy Cross                                                                 Jesuit
Malacher                                  L.E.                              H. Hooper
Wilkinson                                 L.T.                              B. Kirn
Pardo                                       L.G.                             Taylor
Frey                                         C                                 Miller
Daly                                         R.G                              Scofield
LaCroix                                    R.T.                             Villars
Roullier                                     R.E.                             Derbes
Dallier                                      Q.B                              Friedrichs
Crespino                                  L.H.                             Antonini
Davis                                        R.H.                             Bordes
L. Frey                                     F.B                              S. J. Smith

Holy Cross:
Leto, Duplantier, D’Antonio, Kattengill, Amadee, Rooney, Ducros, Caper, Stanfil, Arena, Leftwich, Brennan, DiNicola, Alexander
Jesuit: J. Kirn, Elder, Hodgins, Buhler, Hauth, Gillespie, Sides, Delhomme, Miranne, Gibson, J. Smith, Elder, Heidingsfelder, C. Hooper, McCarron, Webb, Roth

Cumulative record, Jesuit leads the series 11-2-1

Season Record: Jesuit:
Cathedral (Laf.)            55-0
Behrman,                      34-6
Independence               44-0
Commercial                  47-6
St. Aloysius                  26-6
Baton Rouge (Loss)      7-12
Holy Cross                   47-0
Fortier                          12-7
Warren Easton             6-0
Baton Rouge                20-14 (South Louisiana Title)
Byrd (Loss)                  0-19 (State final)
Season: (9-2-0)

 Sorry we do not have the entire Holy Cross wins and losses for 1935.