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1932 Prep League Action Sees Holy Cross Re-Named “Tigers”


Compiled by Ron Gravois and Dick Daigre.


1932 saw Jesuit continuing as a Prep League powerhouse, compiling an identical 10-1-0 record as the 1931 team under Coach Doc Erskine, who would be in his final season.  They defeated Terrebonne, Commy, Cathedral, Independence, Fortier, Baton Rouge, Holy Cross, and St. Aloysius, with the only opponent coming close being Baton Rouge.  That score was 20-15.  All others were beaten by two or more touchdowns.  They lost to Lake Charles by 12-0 in the state semi-finals.  Their last game of the season saw them beating Warren Easton, 20-6.  Pel Hughes led the league in scoring, and filled in very well after losing Joint and Rizzo to graduation.  Toribio had another terrific season, but only crossed the goal nine times, ten less than in 1931.


Bottom Row of names: Eddie Toribio, J. M. Madden, Ed Fortier and C. W. Manion 


Holy Cross did not fare so well in 1932.  An influenza epidemic caused cancellation of two of their games and they had a so-so season, although they tied Warren Easton in a scoreless contest.  This was the first year they were called Tigers. 




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Stanley Ray, Jr. Nov. 21, 1932


After being behind 7 to 6 in the first quarter, the Jesuit Blue Jays started clicking and ran up 32 points in the last three periods to win easily over the Holy Cross Tigers 38 to 7 at Loyola Stadium Saturday.  The Jays thus kept their slate clean before a crowd of 5000 fans.


The Tigers, evidently pointed for the Blue Jays, came out fighting and after holding the Jays on their own 20-yard line, Hinterlange recovered a fumble for Holy Cross on the Jesuit 38-yard line.  A pass from Dexheimer was good for eight yards.  Then Sciortino, behind beautiful interference, ran 29 yards around right end, placing the oval on the Jesuit one-yard line.  Dexheimer hit right guard for one yard and the touchdown.  Guizerix kicked goal.


Jays Come From Behind


It was the second time in two weeks the Blue Jays were behind and had to overcome a lead to win.  Holy Cross showed the best passing in the league in Louis Casey and Pete Guizerix.  Bob Dexheimer also was on the heaving end to Pete Guizerix.  This passing combination seriously worried the Jays.  The Holy Cross running plays were stopped practically dead by the strong Jesuit forward wall.


After an exchange of punts following the Tiger touchdown the Jays got the ball on the 50-yard line when Dexheimer fumbled and Young recovered for the Jesuits.  Two tries at the line netted only seven yards and Hughes kicked to the Holy Cross 20-yard line.  Sciortino hit left tackle for one yard.  Loker intercepted Casey’s pass on the 30-yard line and ran it back to the 27-yard marker where he fumbled where he was hit by LaRocca and Drolla.  Toribio (unintelligible) 21-yard line.   Hughes went out of bounds for one yard.  Cambre gained three yards at right tackle.  Holy Cross was penalized five yards for off sides.


Toribio, Hughes Make Touchdowns


Toribio made a first down at right tackle, gaining five yards and putting the ball on the Tigers 13-yard line.  Hughes hit center for two yards.  Toribio made another first down at left tackle, gaining nine yards and putting the ball on the two-yard marker.  Toribio hit center for one yard and Hughes hit center again, fumbled, but recovered over the goal for a touchdown.  Hughes’ pass to Cambre was incomplete for the extra point.


The Tigers held this one-point lead for the rest of the first period but soon after the start of the second quarter the Jays tallied a second time.  Hughes kicked off to LaRocca on the Holy Cross 40-yard line.  He fumbled and Hughes recovered for the Jesuits on the 40.  The Blue Jays drove down the field with two first downs to the six-yard line where Hughes fumbled on the five-yard line after gaining three yards at center, the ball flying over the goal where Childress fell on it for the touchdown.  The placekick for extra point was side.


After an exchange of punts, the Blue Jays proceeded to score their third touchdown.  A beautiful lateral play from Hughes to Toribio was good for 15 yards, putting the ball on the Tigers’ 15-yard line.  Hughes made 9 yards at center and Toribio made it a first down on the four-yard line.  Hughes hit left guard for two yards and got two more at center for a touchdown.  Loker’s placekick for extra point was wide.  The half ended soon after with no further scoring.


Holy Cross Fights


Holy Cross came back fighting in the third period and held the Jays scoreless but weakened badly in the last quarter and the Blue Jays ran up three touchdowns and one extra point.  Most of the Jesuit second team started the third period but could do little against the Tigers’ line and “Doc: Erskine sent in his regulars, who proceeded to score a touchdown quickly.  Jesuit got the ball on their own 31-yard line and marched down the field to the 16-yard line as the third period ended.  Toribio made 15 yards at right tackle and Hughes went over for the touchdown.  A pass, Hughes to Cambre, was good for the extra point.  The Jays made four first downs in this march.


Holy Cross held the Jays twice inside of their five-yard line, once on the six-inch line, but tired badly in the last five minutes and the Jesuit second team pushed over for two more touchdowns.  After driving to the six-inch line and losing the ball Jesuits got the ball on the Tiger 25-yard line and drove to the one-yard line where Dick Jackson hit center for the score.  Clay Calhoun kicked the extra point.


The Blue Jays scored their last touchdown as the result of an intercepted pass by Miller.  Calhoun got two more yards at center and Mohr ran around end for 17 yards, putting the ball on the 17-yard stripe.  Mohr again went around right end for 17 yards and the touchdown.


“Pel” Hughes and Eddie Toribio in the Jesuit backfield and Al Childress and Marino in the line were the outstanding men for the Jays.  Hughes scored four of the Jesuits’ six touchdowns.  For Holy Cross Pete Guizerix and Vic LaRocca in the line and Casey and Dexheimer in the backfield were the stars.




Jesuits (38)                             Position                                   Holy Cross



Childress                                  L E                                           LaRocca

Egan                                         L T                                           Hinterlange

Marino                                     L G                                          Bachemin

Edwards                                   Center                                      Stempfill

Hecker                                     R G                                          Drolla

Casey                                       R T                                          Fernandez

Young                                      R E                                          Guizerix

Cambre                                    Q B                                          Booth

Martin                                      H B                                          Dexheimer

Calvo                                       H B                                          Sciortino

Hughes                                     F B                                          Casey


Substitutions:  Jesuits: Toribio, Fortier, Madden, (two lines unintelligible), Calvo, Edwards, Jackson, B. Fortier, Wischer, Donelin, Matthews, Mohr.


Holy Cross: Soldani, Ormsby, Kissinger, Pardo.  


SERIES TO DATE: Jesuit leads 9-1-1.



Here’s an old one from the archives:

The 1925 Holy Cross team.  They left their mark on New Orleans.  (Sorry, names were not provided.)











Doc Erskine, Coach












Cathedral (Laf.)












Baton Rouge




Holy Cross




St. Aloysius




Bogalusa 31 0 So. La. Championship
Lake Charles 6 12 (Loss) State Championship
Warren Easton 20 6  

Totals 10-1-0















Holy Cross







, Coach
















































Totals 0-0-0