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Jesuit vs. Holy Cross Jesuit vs. Brown (Mobile, Ala.)

In 1950, the Holy Cross Tigers were in the midst of a string of successful seasons going back to 1945.  As the team began the 1950 season, they could boast of defeating archrival Jesuit four of the previous six years.  The Blue Jays, meanwhile, were on the road back from a slump.  Their records for 1948 and 1949 were the two worst in history for the Blue Jay gridders, with only four wins in the two years.  Nevertheless, in 1950 they were back in the thick of things.  As they prepared for their annual match against Holy Cross, most observers were picking the Blue and White banner to be flying in victory.  Jesuit entered the game with a 7-0 record and appeared to be the stronger team.

Note to readers: As of the 1950 season, we will not have access to overviews of the season as we have had up through the 1940's.  We will try to find out the district and state champions as much as possible and any other items of interest and we will provide that information as we obtain it.  Now, we turn to the story of the 1950 game, which was played on Friday night,  November 17, 1950:



Copyright 1950, The New Orleans Times-Picayune

Holy Cross Roars Back in Second Half to Maintain Unbeaten Season 

Zimmerman Tallies Winning Touchdown

Dupepe, Beron Star for Jays Before 23,000 Fans


        Held in check in the first half, Holy Cross' Tigers fought back in the second half and eked out an 18-14 triumph over the Jesuit Blue Jays Friday night in City Park Stadium as the year's largest crowd, 23,000 fans, saw the Tigers remain the city's and Louisiana's only undefeated team.

It was a real heartbreaker for Gernon Brown's lads to lose.  They reeled off the amazing total of 365 yards running and passing compared to 180 for Holy Cross.  The Jays got 273 yards running and 92 on passes.  Holy Cross was able to gain only 97 yards through the Blue Jay stalwarts.

It was the most thrilling ball game played in City Park Stadium this year.

The Bengals from the ninth ward were not to be outdone in the final period.  After having an 88-yard pass interception run by Joe Heap nullified and his team penalized 15 yards for interference to the Holy Cross 15-yard line, the Bengals dug in all the more.

On the first play they held Phil Beron to a two-yard gain and they rushed Clancy Dupepe back for a five-yard loss.  As he was about to be tackled he fumbled the ball and Donald Masinter, 205-pound Tiger guard, picked up the pigskin and raced along the sidelines to what looked as if to be a score.  Beron came from nowhere and brought him down from behind at the five-yard line.  The Jays were then penalized to the one-yard line for delaying the game.  Clarence Zimmerman went over for the winning touchdown.

Jesuit was on its way to what looked like a third touchdown, Dick Shirer intercepted a Tiger pass on the Holy Dross 45-yard line, and the Jays seemed on their way, especially after the pass interception penalty.

Jesuit came back strong after the Tigers went ahead.  The Jays drove from their own 32 to Holy Cross' 35, where they ran into trouble, and lost the ball on downs at the Tiber 29-yard line when a fourth-down pass from Oliver Latour to Charley Keller failed to pick up enough yardage for a first down.

Dupepe and Beron looked great for he Jays, who suffered the loss of their stellar end and defensive alternate captain Harry Duvigneaud, in the second quarter.  Pat O'Shaughnessy turned in his regular fine game for the Jays, along with John Smith and the balance of the Jesuit line from tackle to tackle, which kept the Tiger runners well in hand.

Dupepe was the night's top ground gainer.  He picked up 99 yards.  Heap, who for some reason or other wasn't called on too much to run end sweeps but looked great when he did try at the sweep, was close behind with 86 yards, net.

The win just about sewed up the prep school championship for Holy Cross for the second straight season.  The Tigers have only Nicholls and Fortier remaining between them and the crown.  

The Jays moved to a score in fast order.  From the Tiger 41 Dupepe got three, Beron one, and then Dupepe passed to Duvigneaud for 19 yards and a first down, at the Tiger 17, two line plays picked up only a few yards, and this time Dupepe passed to Bergeron for a score.  Dupepe scored the extra point on a line plunge.

Beron kicked off to Zimmerman who ran the ball from his own nine to the Holy Cross 28.  One play lost two yards, then an off side penalty and two passes gave the Tigers the score.  The first was a nine-yard heave, and the second was for 62 yards from Zimmerman to Joe Heap.  Heap, running to the right, cut back about the Jesuit 30-yard line, took the ball on the run and scored gong down the left sideline.

Jesuit came back, and drove 63 yards for a score, a 15-yard penalty on second down and a 14-yard pass form Dupepe to Duvigneaud, which placed the ball on the Holy Cross one-yard line featured the march which was climaxed with Beron going over.  He also added the extra point on a plunge at the middle.

Holy Cross was a different ball club to start the second half.  They kicked off to Jesuit, and the Jays ran into trouble and had to punt.  Bergeron punted to Zimmerman on his own 40-yard line and Butsey returned the ball to the Jesuit 25-yard line from where Heap, who hadn't been running end sweeps in the previous portion of the game, circled right end for the distance and the score.  Smith failed to make the extra point.

There was the kickoff, and a 23-yard run by Dupepe put the Jays on the Tiger 37-yard line, but Ray Heap stopped them by intercepting a Dupepe thrown aerial.  As Zimmerman to Doll pass was good for eight yards, but Holy Cross had to kick.  Zimmerman punted poorly out of bounds on the Jesuit 35.  Again the Jays ran into trouble and the had to kick.  Bergeron punted to the Tiger 28.

Joe Heap circled right end for 28 yards to put the Tigers in Jesuit territory but there, for some unknown reason, instead of running the ends, they decided to pass and lost the ball on downs when a fourth down run by Gonzales failed to make enough yards for a first down at the Jesuit 30-yard line.

Jesuit got to its own 46-yard line as the period ended.  They continued their drive down to the Tiger 22 where they lost the ball on downs but soon had possession of the ball again as Shirer intercepted Zimmerman's heave at the 22.  They got to the 25, and then Dupepe threw a pass, which Heap intercepted and raced form his own 12 down the field for a score. 

But the officials ruled the Tigers had pushed an intended pass receiver and were guilty of pass interference.  This gave the Jays a 15-yard penalty and a first down on the 15-yard line.  One play by Beron got two, and then Dupepe's fumble was picked up by Masinter and raced down to the Jays' five before being brought down from behind.  Zimmerman later punched it over that that was it.





Ray Heap, Chet Doll, Rhor, Guichard   

Duvigneaud, Bergeron Shirer, Deck


Ernst, Charoleau, Dalton Truax   

Smith, Burke, Dorvin


Donald Masinter, Markey, Gerald Goertz   

Gelpi, Montgomery, Remson, Trahant


Marquette, Piglia   



Clarence "Butsy" Zimmerman, Joe Heap, Vincent "Pepe" Gonzales, Diamond, Rusty Smith   

Buddendorf, Dupepe, Latour, Beron, Caswell, Rieke, Comeaux, Harter 


H. C.   


First Downs   



Yards Rushing 97 273
Yards Passing 83 92
Total Yards 180 365

Yards Penalized   




Gernon Brown, Coach




Baton Rouge   




St. Aloysius   


Joe Brown (Ga.)   








Holy Cross   



Warren Easton   



Totals (7-2-0)   


Thanks to Warren Gravois for supplying us with additional Holy Cross information.