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The official article on the game played on Sunday, Nov. 26, 1939
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Suberville Scores All Tiger Units

Jays Threaten First; Tigers Tally in Second, Fourth Periods

By N. Charles Wicker

Holy Crossí Tigers, who meet Laurel in the 7th annual Toy Bowl for the benefit of the Times-Picayune Doll and Toy Fund, turned in a brilliant effort Sunday afternoon in defeating the Jesuit Blue Jays, 20 to 0 at City Park Stadium in their homecoming game, which was witnessed by a crowd of nearly 7,000 fans.  The win gave the Tigers the Catholic school title.

The Tigers, in handing the Jays their worse (sic) defeat of the season, had to come back after a Jesuit threat in the first quarter.  The winners scored once in the second quarter and twice in the final period.

Cocaptain Al Suberville scored all of his teamís points, making three touchdowns and kicking two extra points.  Two of the tallies were made on end-around plays and the third on a lateral from Henry Helm.  Although scoring all three touchdowns, Suberville muffed several other chances.  He let several passes get out of his hands after catching them behind the Jesuit safetyman.

Jesuit Game Remains

Jesuit, which has one more game to play, that with Warren Easton on December 9, was the first to threaten but the Tigers really stopped the Jay running attack.  In fact the net gain running was just four yards.

In the first quarter Holy Cross picked up 39 and lost 18 while the Jays gained 20 and lost 37 running.  However, they did complete a 27-yard pass.

In the second quarter Holy Crossí net gain running was 23 yards but they added 10 yards passing.  Jesuit showed a minus one yard for the period.  In the third quarter Jesuit showed a plus one yard gain, while Holy Cross showed a minus 15 yards running.

After an exchange of punts the Jays got the ball on the Tigersí 37-yard line.  Tony DiBartolo hit the center of the line for 20 yards, bringing the ball to the 17-yard line, but the Jays were penalized 15 yards for clipping from behind.  The clipping occurred after the play had been completed and hurt the Jays, who were set back to the 35.  After DiBartolo failed to gain, he shot a 27-yard pass to Baracco, who was downed on the five-yard line, but the Tigersí forward wall battled and took the ball on the 13-yard line.

Daly Scores

Holy Cross spectators were brought to their feet a few seconds later as Jerome Daly took the pigskin on his 13 and raced wide around left end, twisted an turned racing 87 yards and crossed the goal line standing up.  But the play was called back as Head linesman Werner Lushinger ruled Daly stepped out of bounds on the Tigersí 39.

After Daly failed Robin passed to Loflin for nine and one half yards and then Daly went over for a first down.  Robin failed again and then shot a long pass to Suberville, who was behind the Jesuit safetyman.  Suberville got his hands on the ball, but dropped it.

T. J. Loflin got off a beautiful kick, which went out of bounds on the Jaysí one.  Kicking against the wind, Robichaux punted out to the Jaysí 30.  Robin made a first down and then Suberville, on and end-around, went 20 yards for the score and then kicked the extra point.

Daly Goes to 19

Holy Cross followers were given another thrill just as the second half opened.  Daly took the kickoff on the Tigersí 19 and raced 62 yards to the Jaysí 19 before Fred Baracco brought him down from behind.  The Tigers lost the ball on downs.

The Jays, fighting desperately, lost the ball on downs in the fourth period on the Tigersí 49 when a fourth down try failed by inches to make a first down.

Taking the oval on the 49, Daly went around end for 16.  Robin added nine, then Robin went off tackle for 15 yards and lateralled to Suberville, who ran and additional 15 yards for the score.  Suberville kicked the extra point.

Take to Air

The Jays took to the air after they got into Tiger territory but Canan intercepted one of DiBartoloís passes and returned it to the Jay 33.  But they ran into a stubborn Jesuit line and had to kick.  Breaux kicked out of bounds and again the Jays too to the air. 

Tony DiBartolo, back to pass, was hit by a Holy Cross player and fumbled the ball and Holy Cross recovered on the 25.  The Jays were penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness and then Suberville went over on and end-around, but missed the extra point.


The Lineups:
Jesuit (0)                                                                     Holy Cross (20)
Ballatin                                     L.E.                              Breaux
Brumett                                    L.T.                              Morel
Liuzza                                       L.G.                             Wright
Brennan                                    C                                 Schultz
Wilken                                     R.G.                             Cuccia
Glueck                                     R.T.                             Callahan
DiBartolo                                 R.E.                             Suberville
Caruso                                     Q.B.                             Canan
Baracco                                   R.H.                             Robin
Robichaux                                L.H.                             Daly
Bruno                                       F.B                              Pardo

Holy Cross:
Colclough, Helm, Boucher, Driscoll, Loflin, 
Jesuit: Bureau, Finley, Rousselle, OíLeary, Tessier, Quinn, Ford, McMillan, Bostick

First Downs: Jesuit 5, Holy Cross 7.
Net Yardage: Jesuit 51. Holy Cross 112
Penalties: Jesuit 70 yards, Holy Cross 5 yards.

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Cumulative record, Jesuit leads the series 13-3-2

1939 Season Record:
Jesuit: (Gernon Brown, Coach)
Behrman                       38-0
St. Aloysius                  7-0
Baton Rouge                20-6
Fortier (L)                    6-7
Bolton                          20-7
St. Stanislaus                13-7
Peters                           19-0
Holy Cross (L)           0-20
Warren Easton (L)        12-20
Season Record: (6-3-0)

1939 Season Record:
Holy Cross: (Ray Scheuering, Coach)
Istrouma                       12-7
Fortier (L)                    0-6
Bogalusa                      20-13
Peters                           27-0
Morgan City                 26-0
Behrman                       13-0
Warren Easton (L)       7-12
St. Aloysius                  14-0
Jesuit                            20-0
Laurel (L)                     6-7 (Toy Bowl)
Season Record: (7-3)