The Football Tradition for the Catholic League

Prayer Request

We have sad news that one of our supporters, a former Holy Cross footballer, Jack Badinger,
 is seriously ill with end stage renal failure from diabetes.  If you can add his name to your
daily prayers or during Sunday Mass, he and his family would be most grateful. 
This was passed on by Jack's good friend, Jodi Ware.


The Jesuit Blue Jays versus the Holy Cross Tigers series is one of the oldest continuous high school football rivalries known to exist anywhere.  We are committed to listing all of the games of this historic series.  We do this to honor the memory of all of the people who have participated or currently participate in this rich tradition, whether as players, teachers, coaches, officials, support staff, bandsmen, spectators, family members, and any other interested parties.  

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Notice to Tiger and Blue Jay fans:  10/29/2006: This site was first published on March 12, 2003.  As of November 28, 2004 we have posted the Blue Jay-Tiger game accounts from 1922 through 1995.  We have also entered the 2002 game and the 2003 and 2004 entire seasons.  Also 2005 and 2006.  We expect to have all game accounts entered over the next few months.  Keep checking on a weekly basis for new accounts.

We wish to give credit to Ron Brocato’s excellent book.  We urge all of our readers that enjoy the history of New Orleans Prep football to get a copy for yourself.  It is “The Golden Game” by Ron Brocato and can be purchased at New Orleans area bookstores and on Amazon.com.  As of October, 2006, the book is probably out of print.  Copies are had to find.

If you enjoy the site, please let us know.  A good way is to submit a message for our guestbook.

OTHER GAMES: If you have a favorite game that did not involve either Holy Cross or Jesuit, please advise us.  Send an email to Ron Gravois.  We will post it for you on this site. 

Help Wanted: We are seeking more information on Holy Cross, such as each year's annual record, etc.  Maybe someone in the HC alumni office can assist.  Anybody with Jesuit or HC yearbooks for any years, we might want to get some photos or stories from them, please.  Also, we wish to know all of the district champions for all of the years that are now missing.

First Names (and Nicknames) Wanted:  We wish to enter the first names of the players in all of the stories and the game lineups.  If you can give us the first names and nicknames of any, please do so.

Please advise if you come across any incorrect information, typographical errors, misspelled names, etc.  We aim to be accurate, but we're human, after all.  Contact Ron Gravois

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We are seeking rosters of the Jays and Tigers from all old football programs.  If you have one, please forward it to us via email or mail.  To email it, scan the page(s) to a pdf file and send it to Ronnie Gravois or make a clear photocopy and mail it to Ronnie Gravois, 121 Forest Drive, Mandeville LA 70471.  Make sure you show the date of the game.  We will be glad to publish rosters of all of the Jesuit and HC opponents also, if available. 

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