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2005 will be the Year of the Tiger.  I just know it!
Dream on, pussycat.



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Thanks to all of you that contribute


David Shanks has been forwarding exciting & memorable information to me & I have really enjoyed reading it all. Thanks for the hard work & efforts ... Keep up the good nostalgic work!
Mike Schouest    4/30/03

Jesuit alumnus class of 1947. What a great idea. I thoroughly enjoyed this website. It was sent to me by Numa Marquette. I plan to send it to many of my Jesuit classmates. I will forward some stories from "All the Tricks in 46"
- Bob Gallinghouse  Jesuit '47   5/26/03

Pretty cool website! Especially, the all-time scores.
- Gerald Hebert Gerald Hebert     8/5/03

I am a proud graduate of Holy Cross Class of 1964. The football season of '63 was the last year the Tigers won State Championship. It was GREAT beating the Blue Jays twice that year. Thanks to the good people who are working on this website.
- optimer j.    Holy Cross '64 8/14/03

Look forward to you posting the teams of the 60's.  I'm a graduate of Holy Cross class of 64.
- Mike Marquez  Holy Cross '64  8/16/03

I think you should talk about when HC met Jesuit in the state championship game. Wilson and Eumont both played for HC!
Donna L. Whittenburg 

Holy Cross class of 1978.  Thank you for a great website.  I do not think anyone should discount the value of traditions.  Letís hope this great one continues!
- Larry Landry HC '78

Great web site .... I stumbled into it and found myself and my brother Roy. Thanks for all your work in putting this together.
- Dallas Ward, Blue Jay 1957

The most important part of the game that Mr. Wicker did not talk about was the 4th quarter drive by Holy Cross down to (I believe) the Jays 2 yard line with 1st and goal. The Tigers tried 4 running plays and from where I was sitting it looked like they scored on 3 of them. Even Hap Glaudi (a Jesuit alum) was on channel 4 sports on TV that night and replayed those 4 downs and showed Holy Cross scoring. Hap even said something like "looked to me like the Tigers scored at least twice. Oh well, the officials didn't call it that way so the Jays win". Thanks for letting me vent after all these years.
- Donald Haws, Holy Cross Tiger, 1963

I am fortunate enough to be part of the HC/Jesuit tradition. My senior year, 1984, we upset an undefeated Jesuit team. Those are wonderful memories and I call on them often. Last night was another great game in this greatest of high school rivalries. These are two classy and exceptional schools. In my opinion, there's nothing more American than watching Holy Cross and Jesuit fight it out in Tad Gormley Stadium. God Bless both these wonderful institutions and many thanks for creating this terrific website.

Brian Bossetta, Holy Cross Tiger, 1985


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