This Special Page is Dedicated to the St. Aloysius Crusaders of 1952 to 1956. Materials provided by good friend Sid Raymond.


In 1952, the St. Aloysius Crusaders came of age and won their first Prep League championship.  It would be the Scarlet Knights' only outright title in the old Prep League, when the state's highest classification was Class AA.  If our information is correct, we recall that Aloysius won the South Louisiana title, but lost out in the state finals.  However, this in unconfirmed.  They had an airtight defense and one of their victims was Jesuit, by a 7-0 score.


Bottom row: Roy Mouras, Sidney Reso, Hubert Ward, James La Cava, Frank Abene, Jerry Pfister, Henry Celestine, John Breaux, Howard Bode
Second row: Roger Mmahat, Ray Schindler, Nicholas Blount, Sidney Sanders, Gasper Abene, David Campos, James Schmidt, Joseph Naquin, Edward Arms, Dave Macaluso. Merwyn Esler
Third row: Robert Arnoult, John Habisreitinger, Jack Voelker, Emile Marks, Robert Neyrey, Arthur Conlin, William Connick, Robert Matthews
Back row: Assistant coach Mel Lagarde, Assistant coach Andy Douglass, "Rockin' Ronnie" Senac, Richard Gueldner, Morris Gray, Michael McAdam, John Wilson, Joseph Mahoney, Michael Huber, Coach Eddie Toribio, Brother Augustine, S.C.   


CAPTION: 1954 Crusader Team? (No caption.) Please someone: Send us the names!
Front row: 34:__________ 26:__________ 32:__________________ 12:____________16: __________15: ___________28: __________ 30:_____________ 45:_____________21:____________
Second Row:  47:______________36: _____________ 38:____________ 40: Sid Raymond 24: __________39:___________20:__________ 35:_____________ 22: ___________11: ____________
Third Row: 40: _____________ 2nd:_____________3rd: ___________ 4th:_________ 5th:____________6th: _____________ 7th:_______ 8th:____________ 9th:_________10th:__________
Fourth Row: Coach1: ______________1st:____________ 16:_________ 4X: _______________17: _________________5th:__________ 2X:___________ 7th:___________ 8th: __________9th:____________ Coach2:______________ Coach3: __________
Back row: 1st: __________ 2nd: ____________ 3rd: __________


Cover of Program. These were the lovely girls we took to the various parties and dances.
Girls, please let us know it you visit this site. Please provide your names.


St. Aloysius' Secret Defensive Playbook Now Revealed!
Strategy to Defeat the Vaunted Holy Cross Tigers in 1956!
It Worked! Crusaders Won 13-0!


Click here for 1955 St. Aloysius Football Banquet Program.
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We know what they ate. Does anyone know the date?


1955 Program St. Aloysius vs. Istrouma for So. La. Championship


News Article: Summer 1957 Catholic All Stars vs. Public All Stars.


1954 News Story: St. Aloysius vs. Reserve


1955 Story: St. Aloysius vs. Holy Cross